The freestyle beaded is the ultimate jump rope designed for professional freestyle jumpers and beginners alike! Our jump rope’s standout feature is its long handles, which make executing cross-over tricks and nailing the mic release trick a breeze.

Even if you’re a beginner struggling to master your first double under, this jump rope is here to help. What sets our jump rope apart is its heavier cable compared to regular speed ropes. This unique feature offers athletes an great feel for the rope and enhances their understanding of precise timing for jumping and speeding up the cable.

The beaded cable is crafted with durable 2.5cm long and 8mm wide hard beads, ensuring lasting performance. The strong and flexible nylon core eliminates worries about cable wear, making it a long-lasting investment.

Adjusting the length of the rope is simple with the included cable stop. The rope’s length of 330cm makes it suitable for athletes up to 210cm tall, so yeah it’s even long enough for all the giants out there! Plus, its hard beads guarantee remarkable durability, making it ideal for use anywhere, be it the park or the gym.

Discover a jump rope that’s both beginner-friendly for perfecting double unders and highly favoured by professional freestyle athletes. Its versatility knows no bounds!

Check if this rope is perfect for you:

  • Ideal for All Hand Sizes: Our jump rope’s longer yet thinner form factor makes it a perfect fit for athletes with small to large hands. Enjoy a comfortable grip and enhanced control during your freestyle sessions.
  • Versatile Training Tool: Whether you’re focusing on conditioning workouts or honing your double under technique, this jump rope is your go-to companion because of it’s heavier cable giving a touch of resistance.
  • Master Freestyle Tricks: With longer handles and an incredibly flexible cable, this jump rope is designed to unleash your freestyle potential.
  • Jump Anywhere, Anytime: Take your workouts on the go! This jump rope is your portable fitness partner, allowing you to jump wherever your heart desires, be it the park or the gym.
  • Perfect for All Heights: The 330cm long cable can be easily adjusted to suit all body heights. Enjoy a seamless jumping experience tailored to your preferences.
  • Also fit’s the Freestyle Liquorice cable

How to size your Freestyle Beaded

How to size your rope

Handle length

20 cm

Handle thickness

17 mm to 24 mm

Handle weight

23 grams

Handle colour

Black, White

Fits cables

Beaded cable, Liquorice cable

Cable length

350 cm

Beads material

Hard PVC

Beads length

25 mm

Beads thickness

8 mm

Core cable material


Core cable thickness

4 mm


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