The RX Evo G2

Born from over a year of dedicated collaboration with leading engineers and the invaluable insights of CrossFit Games™ athletes, the EVO G2 Speed Rope is a testament to RX Smart Gears relentless pursuit of perfection. Its patent pending swivel bearing system delivers a level of speed and smoothness that has earned it comparisons to the Ferrari of speed ropes, blending high performance with sleek, ergonomic design.

Each handle of the EVO G2 Speed Rope is a masterpiece, crafted from a solid block aerospace-grade aluminum on advanced CNC machines, then finished with an anodized coating for maximum durability and corrosion resistance even in the sweatiest conditions. The assembly process is meticulous, featuring our patent-pending low tolerance frictionless dual-swivel bearing system and tactile traction bands, culminating in a jump rope that stands as a pinnacle of quality and performance.

The RX Evo G2 is perfect for you:

  • You’re serious about your double/triple under performance.
  • Ideal for athletes with small to bigger sized hands, thanks to it’s verity of possibility of grips on the handles.
  • Suitable for athletes from all skill level, due to its versatile range of cables.
  • Perfect for both double unders and double under cross-overs, thanks to its unique free cable mounting system.
  • Can be used on smooth surfaces or on our jump rope mat.
  • Features extremely frictionless bearings, the RX Evo G2 spins forever.

The RX cable

Combining the RX Evo G2 handles with our own manufactured cables makes it extremely high quality and versatile. It comes in 12 different lengths, 6 different thicknesses, and an ever-growing number of awesome colours. Due to its free mounting system, this rope is perfect for efficient double-under workouts and for the double-under cross-over, which was presented for the first time in the CrossFit Games 2022.

Coated vs. uncoated cable

The coated cable comes with a flexible PVC coating but is slower than the uncoated cable. However, the coated cable is more durable than the uncoated version. If you want to go uncoated, it will give you more speed, a lot more speed! But only do this if you’re advanced and tripping on the cable is minimised. The uncoated cable is fragile, and jumping on the cable frequently can cause it to fray easily.



What cable length do I need?

The cable length depends on your body height and technique. If your technique is perfect, choose one size shorter. If your technique is not that good, choose one size longer. If you already own a rope, the best way is to measure the length of that rope and pick the appropriate size according to this table.

Body LengthSizeCable length



What thickness do I need?

The thickness you need depends on your experience and the stimulus you want to have. If you want a very efficient rope for double unders and you are an experienced jumper with more than 50 unbroken double unders at any given moment, the uncoated speed metal is the way to go. If you want to improve your conditioning with a heavier rope, the Buff is best for you. Below, you can find an overview of thicknesses and applications.

ThicknessUsed for
Speed metal (1.5mm)You’re already fast, but you crave more speed. Tripping is a thing of the past, and you only stop when you’re fatigued. If you have 50 unbroken double unders any day, this cable will take your speed to the next level.
Heavy metal (2.0mm)You’re already lightning quick, but you’re hungry for even more precision and control to break your record of 50 unbroken double unders. Experience the perfect balance between speed and feedback with this cable.
Hyper (2.3mm)Ideal for athletes who can easily achieve 15 unbroken double unders or beginners who quickly grasp new skills. The Hyper cable provides the optimal combination of responsiveness and speed for your workouts.
Ultra (3.2mm)Embarking on your journey to conquer double unders? The Ultra cable is perfect for stringing together your first sets of double unders. Its weight and design help you find your rhythm and build momentum.
Elite (3.6mm)If you’re struggling to master your first double unders, the Elite cable is your solution. The added weight of this cable assists in finding the proper rhythm and timing required for successful double unders.
Buff (4mm)Spice up your workouts and test your endurance with the Buff cable. This heavy rope adds resistance during double unders, highlighting any flaws in your technique while providing a challenging workout.


How to size your rope

Handle length

15,4 cm

Handle thickness

13mm to 24mm

Handle weight

54 grams

Fits cables

RX Cables

Handle material

Aluminium with PVC bands


Speed Metal (1.5mm), Heavy Metal (2.0mm), Hyper (2.3mm), Ultra (3.2mm), Elite (3.6mm), Buff (4.0mm)

Body length

145-150cm (7’10″), 150-155cm (8’0″), 155-160cm (8’2″), 160-165cm (8’4″), 165-170cm (8’6″), 170-175cm (8’8″), 175-180cm (8’10”), 180-185cm (9’0″), 185-191cm (9’2″), 191-196cm (9’4″), 196-201cm (9’6″), 201-206cm (9’8″)

Cable colour

Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Teal, Uncoated, Black

Coating type



RX Jump Rope, Rhino Heavy Jump Rope


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