This versatile jump rope has an array of tricks up its sleeve, making it the perfect fitness tool for various purposes. Whether you’re into freestyle tricks, conditioning, or mastering your double under technique, this rope has got you covered!

With its longer handles, the Freestyle Liquorice Jump Rope excels in cross-over tricks. By crossing your arms in front of your body, the extended handles offer better control and ease of movement. Additionally, executing a mic release trick becomes a breeze, thanks to the slightly longer handles that enable effortless catches.

If you’re aiming to conquer your first double under but find regular speed ropes challenging, the Freestyle Liquorice is your answer. Its thicker cable provides beginners with better rhythm perception, facilitating the learning process. On the other hand, advanced athletes can also benefit from this jump rope to refine their techniques. With its 330cm long cable, the Freestyle Liquorice Jump Rope is perfectly suitable for athletes of all heights, accommodating those up to 210cm tall. Setting up the rope is a breeze, thanks to its easy adjustable cable stop feature, just check our video below.

Why choose the Freestyle Liquorice Jump Rope?

  • Ideal for athletes with small to large hands due to its longer yet thinner form factor.
  • Perfect for conditioning workouts and enhancing double under techniques, thanks to the slightly heavier cable that offers more resistance.
  • Excellent for freestyle tricks, supported by its longer handles.
  • Enjoyable anywhere, be it the park or the gym, as its durable coated cable ensures long-lasting use.
  • Suitable for all body heights, as the rope’s length is 330cm and can be easily adjusted to your preference.
  • Can also fit the Freestyle beaded cable.‍

How to size your Freestyle Liquorice

How to size your rope

Handle length

20 cm

Handle thickness

17 mm to 24 mm

Handle weight

23 grams

Handle colour

Black, White

Fits cables

Beaded cable, Liquorice cable

Cable length


Cable colour

Blossom, Dune, Mamba, Ruby, Sky

6 reviews for Freestyle Liquorice Jump Rope

  1. Simone

    Great rope. I love the longer handles, it was quite hard for me to find a rope with them and am very happy with this one. I was immediately Able to do consecutive crossovers and it has greatly improved my speed in comparison to my old beaded rope.

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  2. Menno Been

    Super fijn freesyle springtouw! Twee weken geleden begonnen met springen voor m’n cardiotraining naast m’n krachttraining.

    Gewicht van het touw is wat zwaarder waardoor je meer gevoel hebt in het pakken van een fijn ritme!

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  3. Felix

    Das Kabel ist sehr steiff und eignet sich nach zwei Wochen Nutzung noch nicht wirklich zum Springen
    es muss sehr stark eingesprungen werden

    Purchase not verified. Find out more

  4. Yvonne

    Super fijn voor double crossovers!

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  5. Philipp

    Das Anpassen geht super einfach. Das Seil wirkt robust und verdreht sich nicht zu leicht. Im Vergleich zu meinem anderen Seil, mit dickem Stahlkern, ist es viel flexibler. Dadurch sind z.B. Crossovers viel einfacher.

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  6. Kevin


    Verified purchase. Find out more

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