The Basic Heavy Duty

The Basic Heavy Duty speed rope features simple handles, intentionally designed without bearings to ensure durability and prevent breakage or wear. This makes it an ideal choice for Functional Fitness boxes, where speed ropes are used frequently in double under workouts multiple times a day. The handles are short and lightweight, offering ease of use. Athletes can quickly identify their preferred size thanks to the coloured handles, so selecting the right rope is streamlined.

The Basic Heavy Duty Speed Rope fits perfectly:

  • Ideal for small to regular hand sizes, thanks to its thinner handle design.
  • Suitable for beginners, featuring a slightly thicker cable for easier control and learning.
  • Perfect for mastering your first double unders or stringing multiple double unders together.
  • Can be used on smooth surfaces or on our jump rope mat, promoting prolonged rope life.
  • Features a simple and durable design, ensuring long-lasting use.

The cable

The cable of the Basic Heavy Duty is 3mm thick and slightly heavier compared to our popular SR-TX2 speed rope. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for beginner athletes who have less than 15 unbroken double unders. We’ve observed that many athletes using the Functional Fitness boxes owned ropes fall into this category and require additional feedback. As their proficiency in double unders improves, they can transition to a personal and lighter rope. The cable is adjustable only with the provided tool, eliminating concerns about athletes adjusting the cable during workouts.

Size Body height Cable length
Extra Small 160cm 255cm
Small 170cm 265cm
Medium 180cm 280cm
Large 190cm 300cm
Extra Large 200cm 320cm

We also offer a gym pack including 15 Basic Heavy Duty speed ropes, which provides a more cost-effective pricing solution for Functional Fitness boxes.

Handle length

14,5 cm

Handle thickness

11mm to 19mm

Handle weight

28 grams

Fits cables

Heavy duty cable, Grade B Cable

Body lenght

XS – 160cm – Pink, S – 170cm – Green, M – 180cm – Red, L – 190cm – Blue, XL – 200cm – Yellow


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