With thin, short handles, the RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Comp has an exceptional lightweight design, minimising shoulder fatigue during intense sessions of over 100 unbroken double unders. Featuring extra aggressive knurling for superior grip compared to the RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Session, its high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum handles strike the perfect balance between strength and lightness.

Equipped with a double bearing system, this speed rope ensures a smooth spin, reducing resistance and maximising your jumping efficiency. What sets RPM Speed Ropes apart is their unique 90-degree angle cable system, optimising jumping technique for even greater efficiency.

The RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Comp includes an uncoated 2mm thick cable, providing slightly more feedback without compromising speed. For those seeking to elevate their speed game further, our optional 1.5mm thick uncoated cable is available. Please note that the uncoated cable is more delicate compared to our coated options and may experience reduced lifetime if frequently used on rough surfaces or poor technique.

Designed for serious competitors who’ve mastered their craft, this rope comes with a storage bag and adjustment tools, ensuring hassle-free transport in your gym bag without any tangles.

Check if the RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Comp is perfect for you:

  • Tailored for athletes with small to regular-sized hands, thanks to its shorter and thinner form factor handles, ensuring an ideal grip.
  • Recommended for advanced athletes seeking maximum efficiency with proper technique, as the uncoated cable may be delicate when used with improper form during jumps.
  • Perfectly designed for seamless double unders, courtesy of its 90-degree cable mounting system.
  • Optimal performance on smooth surfaces or when used in combination with our jump rope mat for enhanced durability.
  • Equipped with a double bearing system, guaranteeing an exceptionally smooth spin for a seamless jumping experience.
  • Suitable for all body heights, as the rope’s length is 350cm and can be easily adjusted to your preference.

How to size your rope

Handle length

14,5 cm

Handle thickness

15 mm

Handle weight

27 grams

Handle material



Pewter, Steel Blue, True Black

Fits cable

Uncoated Cable, Grade A Cable

Cable length


Cable coating


2 reviews for RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Comp

  1. Ugi

    Super Seil, nur das einstellen davon ist ungewohnt anders, aber der Verschluss ist meiner Meinung nach besser als die üblichen, weil es keine rumfliegenden gumminippel oder sowas gibt

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  2. Marcel

    Ich bin mega begeistert!!!! Läuft Butter weich und ja….das beste Rope was ich je genutzt habe. Damit sind die DU echt entspannt und ohne Anstrengung für die Unterarme etc. Machbar 😁

    Verified purchase. Find out more

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