The handles are made of precision engineered aircraft-grade aluminium and designed in the Netherlands. They are lightweight and have a rubber sleeve for extra grip in sweaty or long grippy workouts. The handles are comfortable for athletes with small to large hands because of the long and thin design. This speed rope is especially designed for regular to advanced athletes who can do 30+ unbroken double unders. It has a forgiving 3d swivel head that makes it easy to jump efficient double unders without the perfect technique.

The cable is 2.0mm thick and has a nylon coating that protects it from wear and tear without sacrificing too much speed. If you want to go even faster, you can switch to our 1.5mm uncoated cable that fits this rope perfectly. It has a rubber cable stop that prevents your handles from sliding when you miss a jump, so you can quickly resume jumping. The coated cable is ideal for competition use, but it will wear fast on rough surfaces like concrete or asphalt. If you want to jump outside, we recommend using our jump rope mat to extend the life of your cable.

It comes with a storage bag to keep your rope tangle-free in your gym bag, a spare cable stopper in case you lose it and a hex tool to adjust the rope length according to your height and preference.

Check if the CX2 Speed rope is perfect for you:

  • Designed to cater to athletes of all hand sizes, thanks to its longer and thinner form factor.
  • Highly recommended for regular to advanced athletes seeking maximum efficiency, even without perfect technique, thanks to its 3D swivel head and fast cable.
  • Achieve optimal performance on smooth surfaces, or pair with our jump rope mat for enhanced durability.
  • Equipped with a greased double bearing system, ensuring a smooth spin for an extended period of use.
  • Versatile and suitable for all body heights, with its adjustable cable extending up to 330cm in length.

How to size your CX2

How to size your rope

Handle length

16 cm

Handle thickness

11 mm to 22 mm

Handle weight

40 grams

Handle material

Aluminium, Rubber


Mint, Orange


Grade A Cable, Uncoated cable

Cable thickness

2 mm

Cable length

330 cm

Coating type



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