Experience ultimate lightness with the RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Session’s thin and short handles, minimising shoulder fatigue during 50+ unbroken double unders. Enjoy good grip or opt for the RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Comp with more aggressive knurling for even more grip during the sweatiest workouts. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, find the perfect balance between strength and lightness. The double bearing system ensures a smooth spin, reducing resistance while jumping. Plus, the unique 90-degree angle cable system boosts jumping efficiency.

The RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Session has a 2mm thick coated cable for better wear resistance without sacrificing too much speed. For extra speed, switch to the 1.5mm uncoated cable. Although the coated cable withstands daily gym usage, it may wear faster on rough surfaces.

Conveniently store the rope in the provided bag and adjust it with the included tools, simplifying gym bag organisation without any tangles.

Check if the RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Session is perfect for you:

  • Designed for athletes with small to regular-sized hands, thanks to the shorter and thinner form factor handles, ensuring an ideal grip.
  • Recommended for regular to advanced athletes seeking maximum efficiency with proper technique and the advantage of a lightweight cable.
  • Perfectly crafted for seamless double unders, courtesy of its 90-degree cable mounting system.
  • Optimal performance on smooth surfaces or when paired with our jump rope mat for enhanced durability.
  • Equipped with a double bearing system, guaranteeing an exceptionally smooth spin for a seamless jumping experience.
  • Suitable for all body heights, with an adjustable length of 350cm, catering to your preference with ease.

How to size your rope

Handle length

14,5 cm

Handle thickness

15 mm

Handle weight

29 grams

Handle material



Chili Pepper, Pewter, Rose, Steel Blue, True Black

Fits cables

Grade A Cable, Uncoated cable

Cable length

350 cm

Coating type


6 reviews for RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Session

  1. Inga

    Perfect Jumprope! Worth it’s money!

    Purchase not verified. Find out more

  2. Valérie Dorschel

    Als die Endscheidung gefallen ist, ging alles sehr schnell (so wie das Seil im Anschluss auch selber ist, sehr schnell) bestellt, geliefert, eingestellt und los. Wenn ich damit jetzt auch noch Du‘s lernen werde – dann hat alles so geklappt wie bestellt. Das Sril lässt sich super durch das Doppellage schwingen, easy einstellen, die Handstücke liegen super in der Hand und sind sehr griffig. Durchweg perfekte Entscheidung.

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  3. Karlien

    Wat een heerlijk touwtje!
    Ik heb deze mogen lenen van iemand vanuit onze CrossFit box en ben echt onder de indruk.
    Dit touwtje voelt zo licht en intuïtief. Omdat het bijna zonder weerstand meedraait, is het veel makkelijker om er double unders mee te maken!

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  4. Daniel Wojahn

    RPM ropes are an absolute hit! I first tried double unders at the CrossFit gym a few years ago on a cheap £10 rope from Amazon and then, after managing to do 20-30 dubs in a row, I bought a Velites rope. Whilst I like the handles and design, the actual locking mechanism is a bit of a disaster and on many workouts the rope came loose from its anchorage, not to mention it kept getting tangled on the floor (costing you at least another 2-5 seconds in a WOD)

    Enter RPM: incredibly sleek and smooth, it keeps on spinning; the patented mechanism prevents any tangling and I even jumped my first set of 100 in one go! A modest investment, but so much fun and joy! It’s even suitable for crossovers! I wouldn’t recommend the rope to beginners though, as the responsiveness is quite subtle and you really need to have found the right jump rope ‘groove’to get the most out of this beauty!

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  5. Theresa

    Sehr einfach zum zusammenbauen und super angenehm bei double unders

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  6. Yerlan

    One of the best jumping ropes, especially when it comes to Double Unders! I’ve tried this rope back in 2022 in one of the London’s gyms. Since then I was dreaming to buy this rope. So the day had come and I bought this rope and received it right after my Open 24.2 first try. I redid 24.2 next Monday with my new RPM Speed Rope 4.0 Session and improved from 760 to 840 reps!

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