The RX Evo G2 handles

Born from over a year of dedicated collaboration with leading engineers and the invaluable insights of CrossFit Games™ athletes, the EVO G2 Speed Rope is a testament to RX Smart Gears relentless pursuit of perfection. Its patent pending swivel bearing system delivers a level of speed and smoothness that has earned it comparisons to the Ferrari of speed ropes, blending high performance with sleek, ergonomic design.

Each handle of the EVO G2 Speed Rope is a masterpiece, crafted from a solid block aerospace-grade aluminum on advanced CNC machines, then finished with an anodized coating for maximum durability and corrosion resistance even in the sweatiest conditions. The assembly process is meticulous, featuring our patent-pending low tolerance frictionless dual-swivel bearing system and tactile traction bands, culminating in a jump rope that stands as a pinnacle of quality and performance.

Handle length

15,4 cm

Handle thickness

13mm to 24mm

Handle weight

54 grams

Fits cables

RX Cables

Handle material

Aluminium with PVC bands


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