How to size your speed rope: A comprehensive Guide

Are you stuck with your double unders or did you just bought your first speed rope? It could be your rope length that is hindering your progress. In this guide we’re going to dive into the details and give you the best sizing that fits your speed rope, style and skill level.

Why the right size matters for jumping rope

Picking the right length for your rope is important for jumping rope. It will not only improve efficiency but it will also help you to finally nail the double unders you’re practicing all the time. When a rope is too short it catches your feet, but make it too long and your rope can bounce on the floor also catching your feet. This guide will get you into the optimal window and tweak it further for your speed rope, style and skill level.

Determine Your Goal: Tailoring your rope to your jumping style

Your rope length varies from jumping style. If you’re a CrossFitter and you might want to get your first double under you can follow the sizing guide below. But if you want to learn tricks like the (double under) cross-over opt for a slightly longer rope.

In short, consider your jumping style:

  • Single Unders, Double Unders, or Triple Unders: Follow the sizing guide below as a baseline.
  • Freestyle Tricks: If you’re into crossovers and tricks, opt for a slightly longer rope for greater flexibility.

Assess Your Skill Level: Customizing for Your Expertise

Your skill level is extremely important for sizing your jump rope. The better your technique becomes the shorter your rope can be. For example, our jump rope coach Agnes is jumping with a rope 30cm shorter than this guide would tell her. But since you’re not a former world champion in jumping rope like Agnes yet, you might want to stick to this guide.

In short, consider your expertise:

  • Beginner: Stick to the sizing recommendations below as a baseline.
  • Advanced: Consider a shorter rope for a more efficient double unders, but a shorter rope demands better technique.

Tools You’ll Need

Before we jump into sizing, make sure you have a sharp cable cutter nearby.

Sizing Guide: Step-by-Step to Your Perfect Fit

For a quick visual guide for your specific speed rope check out our video’s below:

  1. Set Screws: Begin by setting your screws to the longest size possible, leaving approximately 4cm at each end.
  2. Positioning: While holding both handles, stand with one foot on the rope.
  3. Handle Height: Point the handles down, bringing the back of the handle to armpit height. For advanced jumpers, you can shorten the rope until it reaches chest height.
  4. Secure the Stops: Screw the cable stops at the specified point, ensuring they are tightened securely.
  5. Cutting: Trim off the excess rope, leaving around 4cm at the ends for future adjustments.
  6. Cap Placement: If your speed rope has rubber caps, put them back on.

Still no luck in linking double under together?

It might be that you didn’t picked the right speed rope or cable thickness for your skill level. Read our article about what speed rope you should buy.

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