What is the best speed rope for CrossFit?

Since Speed Rope Shop’s start in 2016, we’ve encountered the frequently asked question online and during our double under seminars: “What is the best speed rope for CrossFit?” The answer isn’t a one-size-fits-all, but rather, it’s about finding the perfect speed rope that aligns with your personal skills and jump rope goals.

A speed rope for CrossFit

In CrossFit, a speed rope isn’t just for fast double unders anymore. The sport’s evolving nature has introduced diverse jumping techniques, requiring specific types of ropes for optimal performance. For instance, heavy jump ropes were used in the 2018 CrossFit Games, while the 2022 finals featured complex manoeuvres like double under cross-overs. The article below explains what speed rope to choose for double unders but choosing a rope solely for its speed can be a misstep. Selecting a rope that matches your current skill level is crucial for effective training.

Buy a speed rope for double unders that fits your skill

We have many different speed ropes and some speed ropes are extremely light, fast and expensive. Some athletes buy the lightest and fastest speed rope out there but that might not fit their skills yet.

For beginners: The importance of cable weight in double unders

For beginners, we recommend a speed rope with a thicker cable, like the RX Jump Rope with Ultra or Elite cable or the speed rope Basic Heavy Duty. We see during our 100+ double under seminars that a slightly thicker cable provides valuable feedback for mastering the first double unders. If you pick up new skills quickly and are not afraid for a steep learning curve (and some whip marks) you kan skip this step and move to intermediate.

For intermediate: striking the perfect balance between feedback and speed

As you develop the rhythm and timing and you can jump multiple unbroken double unders it’s time to switch to a regular weighted speed rope like the Basic, SR-TX2 or the RX Jump Rope with the hyper cable. We mostly recommend these rope to beginners because its a good balance between feedback and speed.

For advanced: Enhanced performance and efficiency

If you’re already jumping more than 25 unbroken double unders a lighter speed rope will help you reduce shoulder fatigue and improve performance. However be aware that a lighter rope will reduce feedback so your timing and rhythm should already be solid. More advanced ropes like the CX2 or the RPM Speed Rope will help you get more double unders easier, gives you less fatigue and makes you more efficient during double unders workouts. Perfect if you want to safe more energy for other movements during your workout.

For the pros: Uncoated cables

For athletes mastering over 50 unbroken double unders, switching to an uncoated cable can offer significant advantages. Uncoated cables can be mounted on the CX2, RPM’s and RX jump ropes and come standard with the RPM Comp. These thinner cables slice through the air more efficiently, enhancing speed and efficiency. However, they are prone to fraying and may not be suitable if you frequently trip over the rope.

In summary:

Having your own speed rope is crucial because it allows you to have the same rope every time so you can become familiar with its weight, length and feel. This leads to improved coordination and timing so you can jump more efficiently.

  • Beginner: Opt for the Basic Heavy Duty or RX Jump Rope with Ultra or Elite cable for better feedback.
  • Intermediate: The SR-TX2 or RX Jump Rope with hyper cable strikes a balance between feedback and speed.
  • Advanced: Consider the CX2 or RPM Speed Rope for enhanced speed and efficiency.
  • Professional: The uncoated cable for the CX2, RPM, or RX Jump Rope offers unparalleled speed and efficiency, ideal for seasoned athletes.

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